Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday mornings

Sheepskin boots (to cushion the pain of my locked-up sacrum - don't worry, Uggs-haters; I changed into these boots for the rest of my day), the Detroit skyline, and a sharp new winter jacket (for him). With our coffees in hand, it was a nice way to begin a long day.

And holy moly, can I please move to New York and get this job
I match every single one of the required qualifications (and then some!).
But then there is that whole living in Windsor/Toronto thing, and that whole having-to-write-a-thesis-to-graduate-from-my-Masters thing. Next time I will have the foresight to live in New York and shun post-graduate studies. 

Also, anyone who has an iPhone or Android phone should download Magic Hour
It was the best thing biggest mistake of my day so far - how am I supposed to read and synthesize 20 academic articles when I basically have Photoshop on my phone?
Unlike the static filters in Instagram (which I adore), you can download and create your own filters, in addition to the ones that come preloaded with the app.


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