Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life from my phone

a) I always lusted after one of these tiny cars as a child. Suddenly, one appeared where I park my full-sized vehicle. Sadly, my butt will not fit.
b) First glimpses of snow-covered roofs...are we ready??
c) Pizza. With goat cheese. And sun dried tomatoes. And spinach. Oh, and a bit a lot of parmesan on top for good measure. Oh my word.
d) Hair inspired by Wendy!
e) My sleep mask. On him. I don't know how he can sleep in our sun-lit room.
f) We're sooooo studious!
g) Bananas and a side of chocolate chip pancakes. Or visa versa.
h) Funny iMessage conversations with my sister.
i) Chevy Volt. License plate: PLUGITIN. Ah-mazing.
j) Once you go French (press), you never go back!

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