Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Last Friday, my friends and I walked into a bar that was full of Christmas lights everywhere.

Was I excited that the bar makes the best Tom Collins in a 300 km radius? No.

Was I excited that I had just had the best pizza in a 500 km radius? 
Kind of, but I guess I'll get to the point.

Was I excited that the bar was strung out with Christmas lights on every possible surface? 
Ohmigosh. Yes.

You had better believe that I dialed 1/60 and f1.8 into the manual settings on my camera and played around. And yes, you had better believe that I may or may not be buying Christmas lights just to experiment a little bit more with bokeh. 

(Candles only go so far.)

Ryland! (No flash.)

Lights! (No flash...and, um, a leeeeetle bit of Photoshopping to give it the blue effect.)

Dom! (And yes - you can still achieve the bokeh in the background with the flash in the foreground - score!)

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