Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two man repellers walked into a bar

I hope everyone survived the aftermath of sugar comas.
Ryland and I went out twice this past weekend. We first dressed up as the Addams family, which was fun before my wig started to shed (seriously, I keep finding hair everywhere). 
Saturday was colder, so my friend and I decided to Man Repel it up in our efforts to (a) stay warm and (b) stay true to our men. Air-dried hair, Iceland socks, layers, pajama shirts under blazers, arm parties and neck soirees (and several cameras to boot) - we had it all. 
My favourite: Karl LOGGERfeld. He had a lumberjack saw (Karl-ized) and everything. 

Gomez, ordering a taxi cab.

The Addams family.

Karl LOGGERfeld (get it?) and Man Repeller #1.

Two man repellers walked into a bar...

Accent nails and neck soirees.

Arm parties (we went all out in our honouring of the great bloggess).

Covering the Black Keys in the Phog.

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