Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seen at WIFF

The Windsor International Film Festival was held last weekend. Being the film buffs that we are (snobs may be more like it), we fit in a bunch of movies. One on Thursday, three back-to-back(-to-back?) on Saturday, and one more on Sunday. Windsor doesn't always bring in movies that are in limited release, so it was our chance to see the movies that we would have seen back home in Toronto.

I won't judge the movies for you because critical acclaim can be very different from audience acclaim - case in point, The Skin I Live In, a serious modern-Frankenstein-like film that was laughed at by half of the audience while the other half sat mesmerized. However, I will say that (1) the films were all incredibly different, and (2) they were all fantastic in their own unique ways (although Attack the Block was the only blatantly comedic film). Check out the trailers below and see for yourself!

(The funniest part of the weekend was when I recounted to my mom that I had seen the new Antonio Banderas movie, and she excitedly asked, "Puss in Boots?" Oh, mom.)

Take This Waltz

Take Shelter

The Whistleblower

Attack the Block

The Skin I Live In

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