Sunday, November 13, 2011

A pledge to my 25-year old self

Instead of waiting for January 1st to make my healthy lifestyle resolutions, I am starting them today on my 25th birthday. This way, I can adjust any resolutions when January 1 comes up...WAY. TOO. SOON. Why is there Christmas music already? I didn't even eat any Halloween candy!

I have been told by the "older" 25 year olds that this is the age when the bad backs, indigestion, and grey hairs begin. While I can't stop the grey hairs (and why would I want to if I can look like this?), I can have an impact on the other physiological things.

Also, why can't people just wish me happy birthday instead of  warning me of what is to come? I was way more afraid to turn 18. At 25, I am educated, in the process of getting even more education, I have a few jobs/careers that I love, I have savings and an apartment and a car, I know how to apply the perfect winged eyeliner, and I am more in control of my body and health than ever before! I can't wait for what's to come! And if I decide that I don't like something, I'm way more confident than my 18 year old self that I can make a change and still come out relatively unscathed. Sure, I have to use night cream now, but I have been pretty diligent with my skincare regime up until now.

Without further adieu, my health and lifestyle resolutions:

  • Run three times a week. When it gets colder, move the runs to the gym. No excuses. 
  • Weight-train twice a week.
  • Do pilates or yoga three times a week (preferably after the runs to stretch me out).
  • Meditate for seven minutes a day (to start).
  • Cut down on my sodium intake even more. My inflammation issues tend to flare up when I have been particularly sloppy with my food.
  • Drink eight glasses of water a day.
  • Drink more tea. I stocked up on some fun ones last week.
  • Continue having one glass of red wine a day. It hasn't killed me yet.
  • Meal plan! I have found that weekly meal planning is an easy way for me to keep track of the nutrients that I am getting, as well as those that I might be missing. It also cuts down on the cost of my grocery trips because I try to incorporate everything in my fridge into the weekly meal plan before buying new produce or ingredients. Thanks to Chantal for the great tip!
  • Sit on my exercise ball instead of my office chair. This is more for spinal alignment than strengthening my core. And...
  • Wear more sunscreen. Period.
Here is to feeling 25 years young, and happy birthday to me!

UPDATE: Ack! Apparently you start to lose your balance after 25. What is with this magical number that makes life so physically awful for everyone after a quarter of a century? Time to up my balance exercises!

UPDATED UPDATE: Ack! I just fell over.

P.S. to the update: I might try this and see how my energy levels feel!

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  1. Love the 'props' Noelle. Meal planning is a life saver!