Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On the eve(s) of 25...

It isn't easy becoming a quarter of a century old, but SOMEONE has to do it! And so I did it like anyone else would: spent time with some of my favourite people, saw five (read: FIVE) movies at the WIFF, had plenty of coffee and lattes and caesars OH MY, and relaxed. 

My homemade cupcakes: snickerdoodle (with the almonds) and pumpkin (with the walnuts).

<3 Mad love for these people. They know me (maybe TOO well).

The morning-after-the-celebration breakfast, and not all of us felt as chipper as me.

Breakfast? How about grilled cheese instead! Why?
(1) Because it was my birthday. (2) It was 1:00 PM.

My friends are consistently impressed (NOT) with my ability to take photos of everything. I also often ask them to "recreate the moment". In this picture, this was their genuine expression - not the expression of the expression they had just done.

If I can't have a real dog...maybe I can bring this guy home?

Vintage jewelry and the tiniest gloves I have ever seen. I don't know what's in the water these days, but my fingers felt ginormous after attempting to try these on.

Ooh lala!

Latte at Coffee Exchange. It is a beautiful thing.

The City Grill, filling up with people before the final films at the Windsor International Film Festival (which was SO GOOD!).

Classy place with a delicious steak. How was I ever a vegetarian?

Christmas lights aren't so bad when it's 16 degrees Celsius outside.

Thanks to all of the wonderful friends and especially R. for making the weekend all so fab!

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  1. wow such love and warm sugar hugs with vintage head pieces. Loved that you captured it all so well!