Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Growing up and dressing "my age"

Confession: working from home has allowed me to live in jeans. Contrary to popular belief, I don't wear sweatpants. I actually get dressed in the morning. (Tip # 1 to successfully working from home: getting dressed actually motivates you.) Being a graduate student (after completing my Bachelor of Education, after completing my undergrad) also helps in the area of casual dressing. I can't lie - a PhD is looking pretty good from the perspective of my jeans-clad self right now.

I OWN nice pants. Two pairs, to be exact, that I wore during my year of teaching.
But do I wear them now? Heck to the no.
Do I LIKE wearing them? DOUBLE heck to the no.
I was lucky enough (during my time working in an office) to work in a super casual environment.

This ambling preamble has led me to this point:
In an effort to start "dressing my age" (and not like the 13-year old that I still think I am), I am going to try and put together more "age-appropriate" outfits. Still jeans-friendly. Still reliant on what I already own...since I just signed myself to a three-month NO SHOPPING pact with Ryland.

He was nice when I proposed this, though. He said, "Um, are you sure? I don't think you are serious. Oh, you are serious? Okay, let's pinky swear. And, um, you can have one exception in the three months. Can I make you a drink? Because I think you will need it."

Is it bad that there are so many "air quotations" in this post?

From now until February 20, I will be shopping my own closet and shunning the wonderful material goods that call me to every mall in driving distance. All the while trying to dress a little more my age. 

This is my first attempt at an age-appropriate outfit. I tucked in my years-old plaid shirt (ahhh, tucking in shirts - the horrors of a high school uniform!), added a belt that I bought when I was 18, threw on my always-reliable jeans, a newish blazer, and my favourite pair of black heels. I think it looks more 25 than 14, right?

And maybe I'll take nice pictures of these outfits. 
Or maybe I will continue to take iPhone photos, cross-processed, thank you very much.

Wish me luck, world wide web!

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  1. Damn girl, you are looking fine! And no.... what girl can resist buying something for 3 months... well good luck anyway!