Monday, November 7, 2011

Favourite stretch

Exercise has become a big part of my lifestyle over the past 6 months. In addition to my interval weight training, I took up running at the end of the summer to work on my cardio a bit more (using this awesome app) and  started to play soccer (after shunning organized sports at the tender age of 8) but my hips/spine didn't take too kindly to the new exercises.

This stretch has actually changed my life. Anyone who has done a little bit of yoga realizes that one side of the body is always tighter than the other, and this stretch targets the sacrum and piriformus muscles that tense up and mimic sciatica. It's also a great stretch if your job or school life confines you to a chair all day long. I hold the stretch until the muscle starts to relax and the burn eases, and then I switch sides. I also lean forward over my knees for a deeper stretch instead of stretching my arms up and behind me.