Thursday, November 3, 2011

An accumulation of phone photos

It is November. And yesterday was 17 degrees celcius. 
As I ran along the river, I kept thinking, "It is TOO HOT." But it was actually really pretty.

Top to bottom:
(a) New tshirt/shiny leggings  (b) 38-hour cookies  
(c) Liquid calcium + vitamin D - I mix it into a smoothie but it isn't bad by itself!  
(d) I have started pilates (and yes, I use two yoga mats)  (e) Pizza from Terracotta = pizza coma  
(f) French toast from the Twisted Apron  (g) Cute mugs and Sunday morning coffee  
(h) The Fox Theatre in Detroit  (i) Outfit  (j) Reminder that I need to get a new watch battery


  1. Love that white and yellow polka dot bowl!... and were those cookies delicious or what?

  2. It's my FAVOURITE bowl ;) The cookies were super moist and delicious but I won't be eating another one before I die. Possibly because they will be the reason that I die (holy butter/sugar/flour!).