Monday, October 24, 2011

Under the sea

Every once in a while, something outrageous calls to me in a store and I just have to try it on.

Let me give this some context and say that almost all of my dresses are incredibly basic. I prefer to get a little crazy with the shoes, and a basic dress can be worn and re-worn in 100 different ways.

I visited Jones & Company Vintage in Windsor last Friday and fell in deep (and what would soon be unrequited) love with this sparkled/sequined/beaded dress. The detailing was unbelievable and it probably weighed 10 pounds. If a mermaid came to life, this is what said mermaid would wear. Just incredible!

When I put it on, it wasn't the perfect fit, but if one of my hobbies was dress collecting, I would have bought this dress without any hesitation. Instead, I took some pictures to always remember my brief encounter with this beautiful garment. The store had a great boutique feel, and I'll definitely revisit in the hopes of coming across something just as special.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! You should have just gone for it... maybe cinch it with a belt?