Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Calling all dress lovers

This is (kind of) continued from yesterday. While trying on the tweedy, grey, elbow-pad-y blazer (which I bought), I also tried on this dress from the H&M Conscious Collection. I didn't buy it, but I would recommend that anyone interested run and get it now. (Fake) leather/suede accents with a flowy bottom make this nothing short of badass (even though it's kind of short). And it fit like a dream. Not the tweedy, grey, elbow-pad-y kind of dream, but dreamy nonetheless.

Why didn't I buy it?
(1) Tuition payments/saving for my future payments.
(2) I already have a dress that is waiting to be worn.
(3) I knew it would look better on you so I took the high road and left it behind.

Am I not a martyr?

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