Monday, October 31, 2011


In 2010, my boyfriend decided to grow a moustache for Movember. I had one condition: it would be documented. Thus began our journey - one photo a day for the entire month (with additional photos for grooming/getting rid of the Movember stache days).

Support men's health during the month formerly known as November: 

And happy Halloween!

SONG: "Helena Beat" by Foster the People

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy beginning of Halloween!

The Da Silva Wedding Photobooth - raaaaaad!

Two of my oldest friends (Jen and Kevin - Jen is in the first shot!) got married in July.
I finally got to see all of the photobooth photos last night, and they are amazing. 
I pulled a few, photoshopped them (Nashville-style with some added brightness) and put them together, real-photobooth style. 

P.S. Ryland and I are going as Gomez and Morticia Addams for Halloween - wouldn't it be awesome if I added a moustache to Morticia?? :)

Arm party

Thanks to the Man Repeller for making arm parties the only way to roll. 

All bracelets from American Eagle (they are my inexpensive jewelry go-to).

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Calling all dress lovers

This is (kind of) continued from yesterday. While trying on the tweedy, grey, elbow-pad-y blazer (which I bought), I also tried on this dress from the H&M Conscious Collection. I didn't buy it, but I would recommend that anyone interested run and get it now. (Fake) leather/suede accents with a flowy bottom make this nothing short of badass (even though it's kind of short). And it fit like a dream. Not the tweedy, grey, elbow-pad-y kind of dream, but dreamy nonetheless.

Why didn't I buy it?
(1) Tuition payments/saving for my future payments.
(2) I already have a dress that is waiting to be worn.
(3) I knew it would look better on you so I took the high road and left it behind.

Am I not a martyr?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Elbow pads and tweed

I am not even kidding when I say that I have been dreaming about this exact blazer. I had specifications that had to be met (I'm saving for my last semester of grad tuition, after all!) in order for me to buy another blazer: grey, tweedy, elbow pads. Seems simple enough, but it was hard to find. But then I walked into H&M, and my dreams became a reality (does that make me psychic or just up-to-date on the trends?).

Blazer, this may be love.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Under the sea

Every once in a while, something outrageous calls to me in a store and I just have to try it on.

Let me give this some context and say that almost all of my dresses are incredibly basic. I prefer to get a little crazy with the shoes, and a basic dress can be worn and re-worn in 100 different ways.

I visited Jones & Company Vintage in Windsor last Friday and fell in deep (and what would soon be unrequited) love with this sparkled/sequined/beaded dress. The detailing was unbelievable and it probably weighed 10 pounds. If a mermaid came to life, this is what said mermaid would wear. Just incredible!

When I put it on, it wasn't the perfect fit, but if one of my hobbies was dress collecting, I would have bought this dress without any hesitation. Instead, I took some pictures to always remember my brief encounter with this beautiful garment. The store had a great boutique feel, and I'll definitely revisit in the hopes of coming across something just as special.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aches and pains

My right hip/butt/spine have been plaguing me with strange pains for the past few months. I have had inflammation issues for the past two years, so I attributed the pain to this and was trying to exercise/eat right through it. In a lot of ways, pain has kind of been a saviour - I am young enough to change my lifestyle for the better, and I regularly exercise and make a concerted effort to eat as Mediterranean as possible. Exercise is also so good for the pain that I experience (which usually stems from stress). Running, interval training, and light weights have been my go-tos.

I went to get a massage and apparently, the LEFT side of my sacrum is being a little *%#^er. Of course, it feels no pain, but the other side (perhaps to compensate) is in pain when I sit up, sit for too long, move in bed, etc. Walking is fine, by the way :) However, this was good news to be armed with - I always like to know what is wrong so that I can tackle it like any other problem.

Yesterday I signed up for a one-month subscription to My Yoga Online. My first bout with crazy inflammation left me unable to practice yoga, which has been a part of my life since the age of nine. Because the inflammation settled in my left shoulder and collarbone, I couldn't support myself in the most basic of yoga poses - this is where the weight training came in. My shoulder has settled down and is now armed with muscle, so I feel like I'm ready to integrate yoga into my exercise routine again.

I did this video, and I recommend it for runners, walkers, and anyone who uses their legs. I still went to sleep/woke up in pain, but I feel like this is going to be a big part of getting my spine and hips back to where they need to be. It is a full 45 minutes of hip and lower spine stretches. I'm excited to explore the other videos as well. (P.S. I am still going to see a doctor - after a two-week wait period, of course.)

Nike Women's Facebook page did a small feature on me for their Make Yourself Spotlight series a few months ago. Check out the story here and read about all of the other really inspiring young women who have used activity and exercise to work through crazy hurdles. 

Friday, October 21, 2011


Tune in tomorrow for more of this dress.
It has been raining for two days. Pretty endlessly. I like the sound of it from inside my house, but I am getting antsy to go on a run (rain + wind = not conducive to running along the river). 

Once I got my major errands done around the city today, I ran home and put on these socks (one of my only souvenirs from Iceland - everything was so expensive!) and a pair of mocassins. Then I made a cinnamon latte in my French press (officially obsessed - how did I not know about this before?) and achieved a very comfortable level of warmth.

My goal is to avoid turning on the heat until November. I can dream!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin cupcakes

Cupcake recipe from here (minus the molasses - and p.s. this is my new favourite blog).
(The walnuts were a last-minute improvisation and completely complemented the recipe.)

It is safe to say (not so safe for my arteries, but safe for the rhetoric of this post) that the eight cupcakes I baked on Saturday evening were gone by mid-day Sunday.
Between two of us, we ate eight cupcakes.
(Say that eight times fast.)
They went over really well with R. and they went over even better in my stomach.
So moist with just the hint of pumpkin - even though the recipe calls for half a can.
And they went so well with the weather, which has finally turned a bit cooler.
Once I have run off the calories from last week's batch...I will make more.
And that is a hot pink promise.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poached eggs

For many years (24, to be exact), I have been faithful to the fried egg. Sunny side up, slightly runny, and never over-cooked. I had the occasional hard boiled or scrambled egg, but fried eggs always seemed so easy...until I discovered poached eggs. These eggs are my new go-to when I am too lazy to put effort into a healthy meal - breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

My favourite combination: poached egg on spinach with olive oil and vinaigrette dressing and a pinch (or several pinches) of goat cheese. Sprinkled with some pepper, and it's good to go. This is also a great meal for when I finish my thrice-weekly runs - full of protein! (Anyone who tells you to lose the yoke is craaaaazy.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

What happens when you leave your bike in Eden

A bunch of shots that I did for a friend last weekend - he left his bike at school over the summer and came back to find it overrun by vines and flowers.

{All pictures were edited in Photoshop using these Instagram-inspired actions, and I worked with the curves/contrast after the actions had been applied. The photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T2i, and I went back and forth between a 50mm lens and the standard 18-55mm lens, sometimes with the wide angle lens adapter from Photojojo.}

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What not to wear

I have a problem: I am obsessed with sweaters. My uniform is jeans, a white or black t-shirt, and some kind of a sweater. Everyday. I love it. Don't try to change me.

(Sidenote on jeans: when people say I need to not wear jeans, I actually have small panic attacks. I try to make a point of avoiding places that ban jeans. A girl can only take so much stress in her life, right?)

But I saw this sweater cape yesterday, and thought, "My oh my, that could look rather glamourous."

It did not. It was man repelling in all of the wrong ways.

Lucky for this world, I will not be wearing sweater capes anytime soon. I will be sticking with my sweaters.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Detroit Rock City

All photos taken from my iPhone on the streets of Detroit (and the last one is being made into a canvas as I write this).

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gap Love

Sometime over the past six months, I fell in love with Gap's (re?)interpretation of everyday basics. This is my latest purchase - I love tshirts (what up, Kristen Stewart!) but this one is nice enough to wear to dinner or work, in addition to everyday. The zipper at the back was pretty much the cincher - such great detailing.

Thanksgiving from my iPhone

Once upon a time, I didn't eat meat. I certainly made up for years of no meat this weekend. Love from the great sunny north (though Detroit is even more north, if we are getting into geography). I am thankful for my wonderful families, my beautiful friends, and this 25 degree Celsius weather - unreal! Happy Canadian thanksgiving, everyone!

From top to bottom: Sarah; Josh, Sarah, and Kyle; a super cute couples shot of Sarah and Josh; me and Ryland; more nails (!); Ryland smelling my salmon dip breath; and turkey, basted on the hour, every hour, by yours truly.