Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You're legendary because.

A good day is when:

- my 8 to 4 (that's flex-time translation for 9 to 5) boss tells me that my website design has FINALLY made our website accessible to our customers who are Francais (that is French, for all you non-bilingual-Canadians or non-bilingual world citizens), and that it looks legend... - wait for it - ...dary (she didn't say that, but I just finished all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and how could I NOT quote Barney Stinson? For real.)

- I get the following peer feedback in my final grad class presentation: "Your energy, knowledge and dynamism are captivating all of which are assets as an instructor in a classroom. I believe you will be a remarkable teacher no matter where you end up."

It is nice to be recognized, both in my life as a designer/marketing wannabe-guru and my life as a full-time grad student. And the fact that it happened all in one day gives me the boost to get through the rest of the hurdles that I'll be facing this week at work and in the last few classes at school.

Moral of the story: know someone who deserves to be recognized? Make it your mission in the final hours of this glorious summer solstice (it is 40 degrees celcius here in maybe it's hell?) to go and tell someone that they're doing more than alright. It will get them past the mid-week hump day tomorrow!

And if you've done something awesome, treat yourself to two glasses of California Cabernet, some (read: 12 or 15) olives, boursin cheese on toasted fresh bread (repeat as many times as necessary), and organic salmon seasoned with olive oil, seafood seasoning, lemon juice, and ground pepper on spinach. Or whatever floats your stomach boat.

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