Monday, April 26, 2010

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The beginning of the end...and on to the next beginning

The last post was about stress and this one is about regaining my calm. I realized last night (and told Ryland, who immediately said, "Duh") that I am done school for all intents and purposes. My last lessons have been printed out. My final assignment is presentation-ready. This time next week, I will have a real weekend without the stresses of much else but waiting for my transcripts to be forwarded to post-post-secondary institutions. No more lesson planning or YouTube-clip discovering. My life as I have known it for the last 8 months will have a routine ebb and flow that will have me home by 4 p.m. everyday with little responsibility other than going for my daily run.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things that are currently stressing me out:

- my Faculty of Education. If all my marks are done by the end of March/April, they should appear on my transcript so I can forward it to my NEXT (fingers crossed) Faculty of Ed so that I can get into a Masters program BEFORE June 1 when my boyfriend needs to tell his landlord whether he'll be staying or not. But no. They aren't available until mid-June. Conundrum...
- will my work take me back full time, or no...? That is the question.
- will I get an interview for teaching when I apply, or no...? Another question.
- my RSS feed has 549 items and counting. I hate when I'm not on top of that.

Among other things.

But I did watch GLEE and I am so glad it's back!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Toronto Coffee Conspiracy (down with the Bux!)

Toronto’s first disloyalty card launches next week, promising to send people on a liquid tour of seven independent coffee shops. The counterculture scheme, to promote quality coffee and community, is the brainchild of the newly formed Toronto Coffee Conspiracy.

The following coffee shops are part of the Toronto Coffee Conspiracy, and will be offering a disloyalty card program starting April 20.

Blondie’s Coffee Bar & Restaurant,, 1378 Queen St. W.

Crema Coffee Co.,, 3079 Dundas St. W., 53 Bloor St. E. (inside Freshii)

Dark Horse Espresso Bar,, 682 Queen St. E., 215 Spadina Ave.

Lit Espresso Bar,, 221 Roncesvalles Ave., 810 College St.

Manic Coffee,, 426 College St.

Mercury Espresso Bar,, 915 Queen St. E.

Sam James Coffee Bar,, 297 Harbord St.