Thursday, March 25, 2010

“If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it from him.”

I recently bought a "smaller purse" and had to downsize the contents of my bag.

The purse (from Aldo, but nearly identical to Rebekka Minkoff's "Morning After" clutch purse, which was my inspiration):

This is the lighter counterpart to the original hot pink notebook, which I can't seem to find anywhere (they were bought together). I have taken to writing down good quotes and collecting pretty pictures. It's something that I can pull out at anytime to de-stress and ground myself.

***note: cellphone not included. It migrates between my hand, my purse, and my pocket.
I think "geek chic" would best describe my purse.

Hypothetical situation:
RANDOM PERSON: Oh my, cute purse. What's inside?
ME: Oh, you know, three USB keys, my iPod, a camera, four pens...
RANDOM PERSON: Er -- neato. Is that what people like you say?

And a new purse will shortly be on its way: the Longchamp 'Le Pliage' Tote Bag. I am a die-hard fan of Longchamp, and this is the smaller version of the bag that I already have. They are durable and simple, and this will be my alternative tote when I need to carry around my bigger Nikon cameras and lenses.

On my way to Ottawa now -- I'll be saying goodbye to a great man tomorrow.

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