Friday, February 12, 2010

Numero Cent

Waiting for mon amour to finish law-related stuff so we can head to the border of Windsor/Detroit (a block away) for some good food. I am le starved.

Olivia Bee has a website! ( Her Flickr is a must-see and one of my personal favourites. AND she is ridonculously young, in addition to being out-of-this-galaxy talented. Her photos make me nostalgic for the type of adolescence that I didn't really have - she's the girl I would have wanted to be best friends with. And if she did the photography for Abercrombie and Fitch (her style brings back memories of the old Quarterly style photos), I'd shop there.

Also, in the spirit of love, I love this couple and I have since I originally saw this on Sloan Photographers' website a few months ago, but what better time to post it than this weekend?

Holy cuteness, right?

And with that, I bid my invisible readers a loving adieu. Love your lover and (more importantly) love yourself, this weekend and year-round.

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