Friday, December 11, 2009

New Playlist

I have a long drive ahead of me in a few hours.
But at least the front of my car is fixed.

Text message conversation from yesterday:
H: Your car has the snow tires. They had to do a bit more work -- the front of your car almost fell off when they took the wheels off.

Me: Define 'the front of my car almost fell off'. And how much will it cost?

H: They took the wheels off and the balls were out of balance. One good bump and you would have hit the ground.

Me: :l

--> conclusion: make sure the service guys always check the balls on your car.
(Possible entry #1 for the Girl's Guide to Owning a Car.)

In celebration of my car being practically new (seriously: every part has been fixed in some way), I created a new playlist for the drive up to Windsor in my demonic vehicle tonight. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2: TALES FROM THE FORD ESCAPE. The playlist has a good mix of guilty pleasures (though we all know that I have no shame) and street-cred-ready mixes.

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