Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cars are horrible necessities

I think I'm going to start YET ANOTHER blog (but Ainsley Reagan will live on -- come on, now, this is my place to put all things vapid and superficial in my life): The Girl's Guide to Owning a Car.

I love my car. It is my second closet. I have more shoes in my car than in my house. I could start an out-of-car library or book-lending service. I have enough blankets to comfortably sleep in the back (not planning on it, though). It has four wheel drive and I have yet to get stuck in the winter.

But I also hate my car. It is from 2002, for starters. I drive it 700 km roundtrip most weekends, and higher mileage = more problems, which also = more money. (My fault entirely.) I have probably spent around $2500 above and beyond insurance, gas, and lease payments since I got it two years ago. Repairs are a beotch (excuse my slang). The engine light has a bad sensor, so when it goes on, I can't be sure if it's a REAL problem or just the sensor.

But back to the blog. Seriously. An easy-to-use online manual, with downloadable podcasts that girls (or guys) can use when their tires are flat, or their oil is low, or their tires are deflating a little bit. And every time something horrible happens to me -- which happens every other week -- I will update the blog with the hopes that someone will avoid misfortune at my expense.

I really wish I'd taken shop in high school.

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