Friday, October 30, 2009

This Halloween's Costume: Garance Dore

I can't get enough of Garance Dore. Really now. Her illustrations. Her photos. Her witty blog entries. Every time I log into my RSS feed, I head straight to her newest entries. Then I reread them in French. So I have decided to be Garance for Halloween, because if I get to be anyone else for one day of the year, it's going to be someone that I would die to meet. (It was either Garance or Alexa Chung).

My inspiration comes from here.
What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?
1. "High heels. When I can, I will always go for a pair of high heels. Instant chic."
2. "Gloves. The perfect finishing touch for me, and they help me to keep my hands warm when I'm in the cold shooting."
3. "Men's pieces. From pants to shirts to jackets, I love to shop in my boyfriend's wardrobe."
4. "A white V-neck T-shirt. I usually buy them from the Gap. My most sexy item, and I love them even more when they get very old."
5. "My watch. An old Rolex my mother gave me for my 18th birthday. What a good idea she had! I love it and have been wearing it every single day since then. Without it, I feel naked!"

Budget-wise, I'll be skipping out on the Rolex.

I have also decided that I will have to disown all people who have no idea who Garance Dore is. An advance apology for my blogging elitism.

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