Sunday, October 11, 2009

A great idea

I read a LOT of blogs.

I was explaining the concept of an RSS feed to one of my teachers last week. I showed him mine, as an example (you know, because that's what teachers do). And he said, "Wow, you follow a lot of blogs." And I said, "Yes. And the ones you see are only the ones that are updated. There are (x) more that are just waiting for updates."

Needless to say, the number is kind of embarrassing.

Blog anecdote aside, I was going through my RSS feed today and found this GREAT picture.

I love this because, even in the fashion and streetstyle blogs I read, everyone always looks flawless. They traipse around in their size-zero get-ups and towering shoes, with half a meal in them (if they're lucky) by day's end, and yet they don't blow over. Then I put on a pair of five inch-ers (or flats), and BOOM, instant blisters, zero grace. So to see a Chanel bag and those hideous-yet-oh-so-awesome lightbulb heels mixed in with some (possibly preventative) bandages = refreshing.

Granted, she's still walking around on lightbulbs.

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