Friday, October 30, 2009

This Halloween's Costume: Garance Dore

I can't get enough of Garance Dore. Really now. Her illustrations. Her photos. Her witty blog entries. Every time I log into my RSS feed, I head straight to her newest entries. Then I reread them in French. So I have decided to be Garance for Halloween, because if I get to be anyone else for one day of the year, it's going to be someone that I would die to meet. (It was either Garance or Alexa Chung).

My inspiration comes from here.
What are your five key wardrobe pieces, things you wear constantly?
1. "High heels. When I can, I will always go for a pair of high heels. Instant chic."
2. "Gloves. The perfect finishing touch for me, and they help me to keep my hands warm when I'm in the cold shooting."
3. "Men's pieces. From pants to shirts to jackets, I love to shop in my boyfriend's wardrobe."
4. "A white V-neck T-shirt. I usually buy them from the Gap. My most sexy item, and I love them even more when they get very old."
5. "My watch. An old Rolex my mother gave me for my 18th birthday. What a good idea she had! I love it and have been wearing it every single day since then. Without it, I feel naked!"

Budget-wise, I'll be skipping out on the Rolex.

I have also decided that I will have to disown all people who have no idea who Garance Dore is. An advance apology for my blogging elitism.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Best shot of the night (arguably)

The members of Metric were THIS CLOSE to me at Massey Hall for 90 straight minutes. They are as good as I remember (I have seen them both as a band and as Emily Haines solo project a total of five times).

Tuesday's review here (I was at the Wednesday show).

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh my word. I may infiltrate all of the multiple websites that I have designed and maintain and pick a great clock for each of them.

(Click here to head to the site.)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Their slogan: get good at life.

As if I don't have enough hobbies.

Currently loving the informational videos on cameras.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Wednesday: METRIC. (P.S. Front row centre. No big deal.)

Friday: ARKELLS. (P.S. Probably partying with them, before or after, c/o my hermano. Again. No big deal.)

It's going to be a tres bonne week.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bob Marley

A great idea

I read a LOT of blogs.

I was explaining the concept of an RSS feed to one of my teachers last week. I showed him mine, as an example (you know, because that's what teachers do). And he said, "Wow, you follow a lot of blogs." And I said, "Yes. And the ones you see are only the ones that are updated. There are (x) more that are just waiting for updates."

Needless to say, the number is kind of embarrassing.

Blog anecdote aside, I was going through my RSS feed today and found this GREAT picture.

I love this because, even in the fashion and streetstyle blogs I read, everyone always looks flawless. They traipse around in their size-zero get-ups and towering shoes, with half a meal in them (if they're lucky) by day's end, and yet they don't blow over. Then I put on a pair of five inch-ers (or flats), and BOOM, instant blisters, zero grace. So to see a Chanel bag and those hideous-yet-oh-so-awesome lightbulb heels mixed in with some (possibly preventative) bandages = refreshing.

Granted, she's still walking around on lightbulbs.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blog Loving

I want to send some blog-loving out to two ah-mazing femmes who have taken the initiative to start their own websites:

1. Too Rude Magasin
Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 8.07.00 PM

The brainchild of Erin Pea, this website is refreshing in every possible way. An avid blogger, photographer, and stylish Suburban, Erin is bringing the edge back to blogging. Erin has her opinions, and she's usually right. Think music, movies, fashion, food, traveling, art & design. She has it all. Can't wait to see where this goes.

2. Life in Pink
Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 8.07.12 PM

Dreamt up by one of my oldest friends, "A" is going to be networking to the extreme with guest writers, streetstyle, Editor's posts, and fashion and beauty tips for 20-somethings. "A" has worked in the fashion and beauty industry for years, and is tackling Web 2.0 in order to bring her experience to the masses.

Follow Life in Pink on Twitter: