Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Words cannot express how much I looooove Alexa Chung. I watch her show on YouTube. And the love keeps pouring out of me.

This weekend, when I'm making a fool of myself on some island, posing for pictures (thank god I get paid and they seem to like me, otherwise I feel like I'm making a complete twat out of myself), I am going to work it like Alexa Chung. Which is to say -- I'm going to try hard not to try.

Also loooove Lights' new album. She rocks the side part and W.O.W. tattoos like no other.

(Not loving the tail-end of my cold. Missing backrubs from the homme, who now has said cold.)

Currently working on a book review for EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE. If you haven't read it or its predecessor, EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED, you should stop everything you're doing because these books will change your life. Jonathan Safran Foer is the most profound contemporary post-modern author that I have ever been exposed to, and I read one hell of a lot. Go. Scamper off. Buy the books. This blog is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

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