Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Nothing and noone is static in anyone's life. If you can accept that everything is temporal, you'll be okay. I think I'm in that place.

The next period in my life has crept up really quickly. Going back to school in three weeks. The boyfriend moving three hours away for the next three years. So many threes.

Life could blow up in my face. It could get really bad. It could get really, really good. And there are so many other things that could or could not happen. Things that will pop out of nowhere beyond what I've set myself up for.

I am excited. I am nervous (but not anxious -- yet). I'm going to write myself a wallet-sized mantra so that I can look at it when I get anxious. (It will happen.)

Gobbledegoop. If this avenue turns into a dead end, I've got my rainboots.

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