Friday, August 7, 2009


1. Other people's playlists (MERRY XMAS DINNER by Chiara is streaming through the earbuds right now. Think Broken Social Scene. Jack Johnson. Tom Waits. El Perro Del Mar. Plants & Animals. Feist. Jason Collett. Nouvelle Vague. old school Metric -- OF COURSE. Etc. Etc. Etc.).

2. Spilled Milk ( --> online magazine from Norway, pioneered by Marie Lid Aske. CUTE.

3. There's Poladroid, and then there is Rollip ( Upload your photo and choose the effects/accompanying text. You could do this in Photoshop or another photo editor, for sure, BUT online applications are really rubbing me the right way these days.

4. The thought of finally seeing Lykke Li, this Sunday.

5. The following blogs (there are many more that I love and subscribe to, but these made my eyes and mind happy this week):
A Beautiful Mess
Red Velvet Art (linked to A Beautiful Mess by way of Elsie!)
The Rockstar Diaries
Things Marketing People Love
Igor + Andre
Olivia Bee: not a blog in terms of its URL, but definitely adheres to a certain blog/the-life-of aesthetic. Makes me wish that I was as cool as Olivia Bee at the age of fifteen.

Plus: it's Friday.


  1. I'm loving all of these things... even though it's Sunday ;)

  2. i'm starting an online mag soooooooooon. i hope you will love it/me :)