Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simulation versus reality --> I have gone here everyday this week. I like to combine creek, bonfire, rain, and thunder.

Today, I didn't have to create thunder or rain (or the creek, for that matter -- flooding!). Bonfire, yes, but the power was out so the bonfire was inconsistent.

It was intense. First it got extremely dark. We're talking 10:00 pm darkness but at 7:00 pm. Then the rain started whipping the windows, with a few power outages for good measure. Lightning, lightning, crash, thunder, rain, whipping rain. Et al. Sky acquired a greenish tint. I opened my computer. Oh, look at that -- the Weather Channel appeared to have issued a tornado warning! And a tornado watch! So I grabbed my new laptop and some toiletries and several iPods, and stashed them in the basement with my purse. I realized I was hungry, so I stuck my phone in my back pocket, put my Nikon around my neck, and made some microwavable pasta while running back and forth between the back of my house (sun shining) and front of my house (angry green sky).

Eventually it passed, and I think I am going to avoid the relaxing sound of simulated thunder for the next few days.

***Tornadoes did hit, but not in my suburb of Toronto. Article here.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Nothing and noone is static in anyone's life. If you can accept that everything is temporal, you'll be okay. I think I'm in that place.

The next period in my life has crept up really quickly. Going back to school in three weeks. The boyfriend moving three hours away for the next three years. So many threes.

Life could blow up in my face. It could get really bad. It could get really, really good. And there are so many other things that could or could not happen. Things that will pop out of nowhere beyond what I've set myself up for.

I am excited. I am nervous (but not anxious -- yet). I'm going to write myself a wallet-sized mantra so that I can look at it when I get anxious. (It will happen.)

Gobbledegoop. If this avenue turns into a dead end, I've got my rainboots.

Friday, August 7, 2009


1. Other people's playlists (MERRY XMAS DINNER by Chiara is streaming through the earbuds right now. Think Broken Social Scene. Jack Johnson. Tom Waits. El Perro Del Mar. Plants & Animals. Feist. Jason Collett. Nouvelle Vague. old school Metric -- OF COURSE. Etc. Etc. Etc.).

2. Spilled Milk ( --> online magazine from Norway, pioneered by Marie Lid Aske. CUTE.

3. There's Poladroid, and then there is Rollip ( Upload your photo and choose the effects/accompanying text. You could do this in Photoshop or another photo editor, for sure, BUT online applications are really rubbing me the right way these days.

4. The thought of finally seeing Lykke Li, this Sunday.

5. The following blogs (there are many more that I love and subscribe to, but these made my eyes and mind happy this week):
A Beautiful Mess
Red Velvet Art (linked to A Beautiful Mess by way of Elsie!)
The Rockstar Diaries
Things Marketing People Love
Igor + Andre
Olivia Bee: not a blog in terms of its URL, but definitely adheres to a certain blog/the-life-of aesthetic. Makes me wish that I was as cool as Olivia Bee at the age of fifteen.

Plus: it's Friday.