Thursday, July 23, 2009


Digs font, magazines, and every blog in her RSS.
Doesn't know how to relax. 8 hour work days are for sissies.
Likes a full tank of gas.
Hops fences, collects notebooks, covets cameras.
Has loved once (current).
Thinks that it's easier to get through the low points in life if you treat it like a video game.
Eats peanut butter from the jar and cheese by the handful. (Expects early death.)
Likes people in moderation.
Believes in hard work and putting 200% into the things that matter.
Has friends around the globe.
Loves the smell of bonfires. Dislikes the remnants of bonfire smell in hair, one week later.
Clumsy by nature. Artist by choice.
Writes on graphpaper whenever possible.

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