Friday, June 12, 2009

Goodbye, Internet

I'm over-packed and ready to go. Ready to get in my over-packed truck with two girlfriends who will also over-pack, with cameras and guitars and magazines bursting out of every possible inch of space. White wine spritzers, Caesars, way too much Miller, a bit of tequila (okay, maybe a lot), 8 litres of water, and Nestea Zero (I for-go the regular; the Zero makes my mouth happier). Yes, we also bought groceries. Ready to meet up with 11 other astounding females.

I'm leaving the boyfriend for a weekend that most guys could only dream of partaking in. When we spend a few days apart, it's not so bad -- I know I'll come back with entertaining stories, and absence makes the heart grow fonder, n'est pas?

I have approximately one hour (or 3600 seconds) before I can say goodbye to my graph-paper covered workspace for a beautiful weekend in a mansion cottage. 3000 square feet with 1100 square feet of deck space that overlooks the lake? Yes, please. The pictures remind me of the cottage in American Pie 2 (where did Chris Klein go, post AMERICAN DREAMZ and Katie Holmes?).

Our counterparts -- the testosterone-filled males -- have planned their own "boy's-only" cottage weekend to rival our Girl's Weekend (second annual), but waking up, mid-afternoon, to play Xbox NHL hockey doesn't sound like something we will be doing. We've got our own beach and watercraft, after all.

The idea of a world with no internet has become foreign, but I'm disconnecting this weekend. No Blackberry, no coding. (But I am bringing my computer to back up photos and do a bit of research work, sans Internet).

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