Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garance, Garance -- I want to BE you!

In the midst of plotting out the great adventures that other people will have on their blogs and websites (check out the footers on and and buying my weight in iron-rich Cheerios, cranberries, spinach salad, and decadent canned tuna, I have FOR SERIOUSLY abandoned my own musings and postings and copy-and-pastings. But I leave you with this, from Garance Dore:

"In a few months, I’ll wonder what possessed me to wear these. They’ll become part of my collection of pajamas to be ashamed of, the ones you only wear on Sundays to go get magazines you’re ashamed to be reading with a hairstyle sticking up every which way that you’re ashamed to have."

(The great Garance on her cut-off sweatpants, worn with a pair of orange heels, a stripped t-shirt, and a blazer -- G is for Garance and Genius!)

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