Monday, June 15, 2009

Things I love

1. Wordpress. I know it is some sort of blasphemy to write that on, but Wordpress is where it is at. I have learned so much from my ventures into, and it's translating really well into (with some obvious drawbacks, but free is free). I got approximately 100 hits so far on today. Wordpress tracks the clicks and referrers based on Google Analytics, and it's very interesting to see where the traffic comes from.

2. Mozilla Firefox browser plug-ins. FireFTP. Vodpod. Delicious. A lot of these tie back to Wordpress, but still. MF is like the Google of browsers, with all of its free and easily accessible applications. If you're still on IE -- why??? Make the switch. And buy a Mac. Which brings me to to the next point on my Love List.

3. Macbook Pro. Holy faschizzle. Bring in the oxygen. I am lusting after these, and they are within reach. My tried, dropped, and trusted Macbook has lasted nearly three years, and is still going pretty strong. But heading back to school in the fall and not wanting my Macbook to konk out at an inopportune moment, I am (without a doubt) going to be purchasing another Macbook...but this time, the beautiful and mobile 13" Pro. I cannot wait. But I want my Macbook to make it through the summer, and for that matter, into the next few years -- just for different purposes.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Goodbye, Internet

I'm over-packed and ready to go. Ready to get in my over-packed truck with two girlfriends who will also over-pack, with cameras and guitars and magazines bursting out of every possible inch of space. White wine spritzers, Caesars, way too much Miller, a bit of tequila (okay, maybe a lot), 8 litres of water, and Nestea Zero (I for-go the regular; the Zero makes my mouth happier). Yes, we also bought groceries. Ready to meet up with 11 other astounding females.

I'm leaving the boyfriend for a weekend that most guys could only dream of partaking in. When we spend a few days apart, it's not so bad -- I know I'll come back with entertaining stories, and absence makes the heart grow fonder, n'est pas?

I have approximately one hour (or 3600 seconds) before I can say goodbye to my graph-paper covered workspace for a beautiful weekend in a mansion cottage. 3000 square feet with 1100 square feet of deck space that overlooks the lake? Yes, please. The pictures remind me of the cottage in American Pie 2 (where did Chris Klein go, post AMERICAN DREAMZ and Katie Holmes?).

Our counterparts -- the testosterone-filled males -- have planned their own "boy's-only" cottage weekend to rival our Girl's Weekend (second annual), but waking up, mid-afternoon, to play Xbox NHL hockey doesn't sound like something we will be doing. We've got our own beach and watercraft, after all.

The idea of a world with no internet has become foreign, but I'm disconnecting this weekend. No Blackberry, no coding. (But I am bringing my computer to back up photos and do a bit of research work, sans Internet).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garance, Garance -- I want to BE you!

In the midst of plotting out the great adventures that other people will have on their blogs and websites (check out the footers on and and buying my weight in iron-rich Cheerios, cranberries, spinach salad, and decadent canned tuna, I have FOR SERIOUSLY abandoned my own musings and postings and copy-and-pastings. But I leave you with this, from Garance Dore:

"In a few months, I’ll wonder what possessed me to wear these. They’ll become part of my collection of pajamas to be ashamed of, the ones you only wear on Sundays to go get magazines you’re ashamed to be reading with a hairstyle sticking up every which way that you’re ashamed to have."

(The great Garance on her cut-off sweatpants, worn with a pair of orange heels, a stripped t-shirt, and a blazer -- G is for Garance and Genius!)

Friday, June 5, 2009