Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twitter haters: a message

I have been hearing A LOT of flack about Twitter over the past two months, and I am here to deliver my own personal olive branch to the Tweep haters.

Attention Twitter Haters (Facebook Haters, Myspace Haters, etc.):
Before you outright hate something, you should try it. Before you write it off as another fad, think about the other social platforms that you use. If you are an auto-hater of any new form of social networking, think back to when Facebook and Myspace and Livejournal and Blogger and everything that exists on the Internet surfaced. If you wrote off any of these platforms, where would you be right now? Your life would probably be a little less interesting and a lot more boring.

It just cuts me to the centre of my geeky core when people hate before they actually experience and understand technology. Technology and social networking exist for you to have fun. Don't take it too seriously, and please DON'T go on a tyrade about Twitter again...unless you have actually used it a minimum of 10 times. I say 10, because that seems like a good number to actually see if you legitimately like it or hate it. Plus you're limited to 140 characters per post, so it really won't take long to see if your initial hesitation has any merit.

I can understand if you feel that you have no use for it. But please don't make a face when it comes up in conversation. With so many open networks and open interfaces, it makes me crazy to think that people section themselves off from new things.

So long as there is innovation, I think we're on a good path. If the Internet started and stopped with Facebook, I think we'd have an issue. I think we should promote and experiment with new applications and sites, because otherwise, we'll get a homepage full of "I hate the new Facebook more than the old new Facebook because it's just like Twitter" from people who aren't open to change. If it doesn't change, it will die off. New sites force old sites to compete and revamp, and I think that this is imperative -- even if it turns the primary crotchety-before-their-time demographic off in the initial stages.

If you try Twitter and you hate it, I can respect that. You'll walk away with constructive feedback for new websites and developing projects. If you hate it before you try it, you're holding yourself back from the big world (wide web, that is) of technological and innovational possibilities.

My rules:
1. Don't lock yourself in to any one particular site.
2. Don't take it too seriously. It isn't permanent (rest in peace,
3. If you haven't tried it, don't hate it. If you hate it, let the knowledge-thirsty web developers know so that they can create new products that will appeal to you. It will keep the market going.
4. Have fun with it. It's not like it's your job or anything.


  1. LOL..but it could be your job...and is one of mine. The beauty of new technology is that if you can get a handle on it, you can make it lucrative just by teaching other people to love it.

  2. It's definitely become my job haha. I'm getting a lot more contractual design and web marketing work, and I think blogging/social networking is pretty vital to spreading ideas and products. However, the average person who speaks poorly about Twitter probably doesn't come from our field and isn't open to the Twitter loving. I don't want to convert people to Twitter addicts or Tweeps. I just want them to try it before they start mass producing their DOWN WITH TWITTER t-shirts and buttons.

  3. average people generally don't like change - this is just one more thing to learn, and eventually maybe they will. like most learning curves, your struggle some, your bitch a bit, some people engage in mass campaigns declaring it the work of some evil entity - but eventually they'll fold and find some other curve to engage with.

  4. I trust you've seen this:

  5. That came up in my RSS feed today but I haven't had a chance to watch it. I went home for lunch, and they were having a big debate on CityPulse. Twitter controversy is EVERYWHERE!