Monday, March 2, 2009

Ode to those interested in food

As I sat cocooned in this state of never-ending research about major international and defense issues (with a focus on Canada) in 2008, I took a look at my good friend, Chiaramente's blog.

She is probably asleep back in Roma, but I hope she will allow for the posting of this. If she does not oblige, a quick email sent to my BlackBerry will kill this entry immediately, as it may be private. I, however, think it is a work of art.

Chiara first taught me the art of to-do lists in our second year of our undergraduate degrees. She would pull out elaborate lists, detailing the days and hours. She introduced me to the Moleskine planners, and, later, to the organizers in Type on Queen West. Type was the store where I stood behind Rachel McAdams in line, so this year's organizer is a bit more pop-culture friendly than last year's organizer.

Chiara's apartment is decorated in her own original art and musings and collections of music and posters, and it has a wonderful red couch that recalls the days when she was obsessed with Kevin Drew. Oh, who am I kidding? They will get married, I'm sure. (You know, if Feist of the "carved steam" vocals starts dating Jimmy Shaw instead or something.)

As I type this, I realize that I may post pictures of Chiara's place as well as her to-do list, to demonstrate how cool she is.

Her to-do list has a title:

Her to-do list also has cute caricatures:

Death to television (soon enough):

She finally caved and got a cellphone:

Partly thanks to her roommate:

The infamous Red Couch:

Her signature move:

This may have recently found a replacement (God bless Ikea...and Daim candies):

Apart from the fact that the apartment is located directly beside a chocolate factory, the girls always make delicious things that, combined with the subdued lighting and red couch and forced white wine, make you want to fall into some kind of a deep slumber (and the boys upstairs don't mind, either!):

Chiara houses a great collection of literature, journals, DIY kits, and everything else that should make you completely envious of her creative lifetyle, while simultaneously motivating you to kick start your own little DIY corner:

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  1. wow, you totally made my day! what a cute and unexpected post :) Thanks, Noelle, for saying all these nice things about me... je suis completement humbled. But you know, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things you describe in this entry if it wasn't for the wonderful friends like you I am privilieged to have in my life. I mean, think about the singing thing alone.... exactly, i knew you'd agree ;)