Thursday, November 6, 2008

Top 10 websites that I am currently obsessed with (and that are probably in my RSS feed):

1. --> yeah, it's pretty self-explanatory. Translation: AWESOME!

2. --> gosh, web apps are just kicking the butts of downloadable apps these days.

3. --> OBSESSED!

4. --> I don't care what Erin says. Just keep typing. My name translates into a really ugly face, FYI.

5. --> pretty much my bible.

6. --> slay me now, I love this man.

7. --> a new obsession and RSS addition.

8. --> sometimes I have to sift through it, but there is always something cool to be found.

9. --> the online home of Vogue. "Nuf" said.

10. --> my music / style bible. I want to write for them. Best tangible magazine layout, and best online magazine blog.

P.S. Get an RSS feed. It is indiscreet when you look at your favourite websites while at work. At least, I think it blends in pretty well.

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